Cole Turner

Cole Turner

I am a software engineer and mentor who specializes in developing web application products, seamless user experience, and cross-functional communications.

Recent posts

Why I Don't Like Take-Home Challenges

4 min read

If you want to work in tech, there's a chance you will encounter a take-home challenge at some point in your career. A take-home challenge is a project that you will build in your free time. In this post, I explain why I don't like take-home challenges.

Standing Out LOUDER in the Technical Interview

5 min read

If you want to stand out in the technical interview, you need to demonstrate not only your technical skills but also your communication and collaboration skills. You need to think LOUDER.

Building Your Brand - Writing For Yourself

5 min read

Building your own brand means that you are in control of your audience and how your message is delivered. This is important as you grow your network and audience, so that you are capturing the intrinsic value of your hard work.

Melt of the Day: Brisket, Muenster, & Grilled Onions

2 min read

You can't go wrong with brisket. This recipe uses Snow's BBQ, Texas Monthly's #1 Pick, and grilled onions for the perfect brisket and grilled cheese melt.

Lessons Learned in Freelancing

12 min read

If you want to become a freelance web developer, these are the lessons that will help you have a great time working with clients and being effective.

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