Melt of the Day: Brisket, Muenster, & Grilled Onions

Cole Turner
Cole Turner
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Cole Turner
Melt of the Day: Brisket, Muenster, & Grilled Onions

Brisket is the next best thing to sliced bread, literally. Recently I had the opportunity to try Snows BBQ, Texas Monthly's #1 pick. Through Goldbelly I was able to order Snows online and have a smoked brisket show up at my door two days later. Here's what that looked like:

Smoked Brisket from Snow's BBQ

One of my favorite things to do with leftover meat is to use it in a grilled cheese melt. With brisket it's hard to believe there are any leftovers, however, it made an excellent addition to my sandwich portfolio. In the recipe, I've also added white onions that have been fried in olive oil until translucent. Together, the brisket and onions make this grilled cheese a savory melt. Sourdough is a must-have in my grilled cheese melts, however, feel free to go your own way with this recipe. You can't go wrong with brisket.

A half-open sandwich with cheese, brisket, and grilled onions.

  1. Two slices of Sourdough Bread
  2. Three slices of Muenster cheeses
  3. Mayonaisse or Butter (your preference)
  4. Sliced Brisket
  5. 1/4th a white onion, sliced

  1. Fry the sliced onion in olive oil until translucent.
  2. Spread butter or mayonnaise on one side of each slice of bread.
  3. Place one slice of bread with the butter or mayo side down.
  4. Layer the toppings:
      One and a half slices of cheeseSliced brisketFried onionsRemaining one and a half slices of cheese
  5. Place the other slice of bread, wet side up, over the toppings.
  6. Cook on a skillet on medium for about 5-7 minutes, until the bottom crisp and golden brown. Flip and cook the other side.
  7. Plate and let it cool for 2 minutes before enjoying!

If you're like me, brisket never waits. After plating, my first priority was getting the delicious brisket and onion melt into my belly as quickly as possible. As a result, there's no after photo for this recipe. However, the before photo is tempting enough. I hope you enjoy this recipe.


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