The API to power modern clients and servers. This query language and execution engine is a great choice for building scalable user interfaces.

Ask Me Anything: Front-End Edition

14 min read

What questions do you want to ask a Software Engineer about Frontend Web Development? I will try to answer your questions to help you get started.

Ask Me Anything: GraphQL

6 min read

What questions would you like to ask a Software Engineer about GraphQL? Here's your chance to ask a Software Engineer about GraphQL.

Testing GraphQL in 3 minutes

3 min read

Testing your GraphQL server can help you sleep at night. Here are some snippets and recommendations for testing your GraphQL server, schema, and resolvers.

Structuring Schema with Apollo Server

5 min read

Building a schema with the schema definition language just feels right and works well across different platforms.

GraphQL Resolvers: the Injector Pattern

2 min read

Resolvers are most often flat functions that take arguments and return a shape of data. Sound familiar? Think of them as controllers or directives in Angular. They need to return a specific shape that matches what the schema expects.

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