Front-end development uses markup (HTML), styles (CSS), and scripts (JavaScript) - to create user interfaces for web applications.

Why I Don't Like Take-Home Challenges

4 min read

If you want to work in tech, there's a chance you will encounter a take-home challenge at some point in your career. A take-home challenge is a project that you will build in your free time. In this post, I explain why I don't like take-home challenges.

How to Write a Software Engineer Resume

9 min read

If you're looking to land that next software engineer role, then here is what you need to know to make your resume stand out from the rest.

Ask Me Anything: Front-End Edition

14 min read

What questions do you want to ask a Software Engineer about Frontend Web Development? I will try to answer your questions to help you get started.

Search Engine Optimization - Essentials for Web Developers

8 min read

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can boost your page in search engines and boost your traffic. Every web developer should know about these basic optimizations.

Improve Text Contrast with Chrome's Color Picker

3 min read

Text color contrast is how we see words on a webpage against the background. Here is what I learned while trying to optimize text accessibility on my website.

Ask Me Anything: GraphQL

6 min read

What questions would you like to ask a Software Engineer about GraphQL? Here's your chance to ask a Software Engineer about GraphQL.

Epic Reactions with React, MongoDB, and Next.JS

4 min read

Reactions are an epic way to add engagement to your blog posts. Here's how you can add epic reactions using React, Next.JS, and MongoDB.

Hard to Read: Coding, with Communication

5 min read

Whether code is hard to read or not, is a matter of familiarity and accessibility to the codebase. Developers often forget about the latter when debating it.

Optimize SVG images for the Web

3 min read

SVG graphics are great for creating faster web applications. Optimize your SVG vector images to make your web app more responsive.

Animated CSS Border Gradients

2 min read

CSS Gradient Borders are possible with this one technique. You can even create CSS gradient border animations with a little CSS magic.

Test your DOM Markup with Data Attributes

2 min read

It's no secret: we don't write enough unit tests and we neglect them. Here is how data attributes can make your tests more stable and give you peace of mind.

When do I need a CSS Framework?

5 min read

A CSS framework gives web developers the presets to handle layout, forms, buttons, theming, and common interface patterns.

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