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Melt of the Day: Brisket, Muenster, & Grilled Onions

2 min read

You can't go wrong with brisket. This recipe uses Snow's BBQ, Texas Monthly's #1 Pick, and grilled onions for the perfect brisket and grilled cheese melt.

Lessons Learned in Freelancing

12 min read

If you want to become a freelance web developer, these are the lessons that will help you have a great time working with clients and being effective.

How I Got My Dream Job, As a Self-Taught Software Engineer

7 min read

You don't need a computer science degree to make it as a software engineer. This is my journey from freelance web development to my dream job.

How to Write a Software Engineer Resume

9 min read

If you're looking to land that next software engineer role, then here is what you need to know to make your resume stand out from the rest.

The Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

5 min read

In product development, a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a version of a product with enough features to attract an audience and validate a hypothesis.

Making Your Own Ice Cream at Home

4 min read

Homemade ice cream will rock your world - it's fresher than store-bought and you can make it your own. Here is all you need to get started and make your own.

Outrun (Song)

1 min read

This was a fun weekend project using GarageBand. The drumming is all done automatically by GarageBand's tools, with some customizations for the bridge, verse, and chorus.

You Don't Want To Work From Home

10 min read

Working from home is romanticized and we're told it's the next best thing to retirement. After ten years, I'm telling you otherwise.

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